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Riley National

Renvall's Life Of Riley

Ch Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados JW ShCM (imp NLD)


                          Renvall's Just Like Heaven

                                               Hereditarily Clear of PLL & NCL.

                                              Genetically Clear of rcd4 & PRA3

                                     Hip Score 4/6. BVA annually eye tested Clear.

                                                           5 x Reserve CC's



Riley aged 7 months old. Photo by Aimee Vernall

Photo by Sean Taylor

Riley-7-months Riley 3 years

Riley aged 3. Photo by Adrian Paul Warren


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riley BU

Riley winning the RCC at Border Union.

             Photo by Sean Taylor

Beautiful head study of Riley. Photo by Sean Taylor.

Riley stacked. Photo by Frauke Neum - A Sensitive Kind.

Pedigree to follow....